Size is often used when comparing costs for storage – i.e. a 3 x 6m unit – because it is the easiest comparison to make amongst different storage providers. But unless you have a bit more information, you can’t be sure that you’re comparing *like* with *like* and may end up securing a “cheaper” deal that actually has much less value for you. We’ve put together a list of what we think really makes us stand out amongst our competitors.

Are you comparing like-for-like & getting the most value from your storage provider?

The Cairns Beaches Storage Difference:

No lock-in contracts

  • Our minimum storage terms are reasonable, two weeks for standard storage and one month for vehicle/boat/caravan storage.
  • Even with these minimums, your per day cost will generally still be cheaper than daily rates you will find available in Cairns.

ONLY 5 days vacate notice required

  • Less than any other storage facility in Cairns that we know of!
  • We’re flexible because we know that storage is uncertain… Waiting for settlement on a house contract or travelling with no end date in mind. We know it’s uncertain, because we’ve been there ourselves and that’s why we want your storage experience to be the easiest part of the journey for you.

24-hour access!

  • This is a big plus for our customers– You can come and go as you need, when you need. We know that it’s hard to plan for when you may need to grab *that one thing* you’ve put into storage and your work hours don’t always allow you get there in time…
  • We accommodate for access needs by making sure you can come whenever you’re free, when the weather’s right to go fishing or when your removalists rock up… Whatever the case may be!

No mandatory or scheduled price increases to your rent

  • We don’t have a schedule to increase fees. Your rental rate is only evaluated annually and if/when there is an increase, it is reasonably low and in keeping with inflation and demand.

Last but not least, our CUSTOMER SERVICE!

  • We’re local, we live here and we love our community which means that when we are answering your phone enquiries, we are trying to help, first and foremost, not sell, sell, sell.
  • When you walk in our door, we are grateful that you’ve thought of us and we want to make sure we meet your expectations and go above!
  • We believe that people want to be heard, they want their needs met by a friendly smile followed by a solution and that’s what we strive to give.

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