Learn how to prepare your belongings for storage

with our helpful packing tips


  • Empty furniture shelves and draws and tape doors shut that might move during transport
  • Vacuum upholstery and ensure it is clean and dry before storing
  • While storing furniture and mattresses, avoid using plastic covers to minimise mould build up in the Cairns humidity.
  • During transport, plastic covers are ideal to protect items that can be damaged in rain
  • To save space, seats can be stacked seat to seat with cloth separating them or if lightweight, on top of upturned tables

TVs & Monitors

  • Ensure all electronic items are clean and dry before storage
  • Packing these items in their original box with styrofoam dividers is ideal
  • If original boxes are not available then alternatively pack items in high-quality boxes with each item individually bubble wrapped with padding around items to prevent any movent of items within the box.
  • Seal boxes with packaging tape to ensure items are secure.
  • Be mindful of items above and on top of electronic equipment is secure and will not fall and damage surfaces.


  • When storing fridges and freezers make sure they are completely defrosted, clean and dry prior to storing to prevent moisture damage
  • Store items with door slightly ajar. It can be helpful to place a wood block in door to prevent closing.


  • It is important to remove all batteries from any items that you will be stored. This will help to prevent any damage caused if batteries leak. This damage can often ruin small electronics.
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Machinery & Mowers

  • Thoroughly clean machinery and mowers to ensure dead grass doesn’t attract rodents.
  • Drain fuel and oil to avoid leakage, spillage and the risk of damaging other items stored. This also reduces a possible fire hazard. Dispose of fuel and oil as this must not be stored in storage units.
  • If applicable, disconnect the battery so that it doesn’t lose its charge. Make sure battery is stored in a dry and cool location.
  • Store on a piece of cardboard
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Paintings & Mirrors

  • Fragile items such as paintings and mirrors should be carefully wrapped in bubble wrap, and as added protection cover with blankets or sheets to protect them from damage when moving and storing these items.
  • Store these items horizontally, as this will reduce the chances of it tipping.
  • Cardboard corners can be added to these items to protect the painting/mirror corners.
  • These items can be secured between soft items such as mattresses for added protection.
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Personal Storage

Whether you’re moving, cleaning, renovating or just need extra space, we’ve got the storage solution to create that space & let you reclaim your home.

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Business Storage

Need to archive old files or store office furniture? With a variety of storage units ranging in size, we have the unit to suit your business storage needs.

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Car  Storage

No space for your car or need a safe place to store your classic car? We have a safe, secure and CCTV protected storage solution for you.

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Boat Storage

Yard too small to store a boat? Worried about security with your boat in front of your house? Check out our open air and undercover spaces for secure, CCTV protected boat storage.

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